Buongiorno! Curious as to why we’re starting this week’s Bova blog with an Italian greeting? It’s because today we are featuring an Italian furniture maker that’s been in business for nearly a century – Calligaris Furniture! Originally founded in 1923 by a talented Italian woodworker named Antonio Calligaris, the Calligaris brand has become known for its unique combination of quality, technology and Italian style. What began as a small workshop producing traditional “Marocca” chairs with woods rails and woven seats has grown to produce many lines of chic living and dining furniture pieces for 21st century homes. All products are conceived to satisfy the needs and habits of today’s life, keeping in mind the importance of a personal touch and combining aesthetic innovation with clever, usable design. The chairs, tables, sofas and desks they produce today exhibit a cutting-edge look without sacrificing one bit of functionality. They’ve stuck to their roots with their craftsmanship while still moving forward with their materials, shapes and colors.

Classic Calligaris Craftsmanship
Bold curves and eye-catching colors frequently come into play with Calligaris pieces but some of their best work shines thanks to its simplicity and versatility. Calligaris’ slogan is “smart, Italian design.” On one hand, this refers to their commitment to the responsible management of raw material, waste recycling, scrap reduction and natural resource replenishment. On the other hand, it refers to their promise that they’ll never manufacture tables, desks, nightstands or seating with inflexible sensibilities or unnecessary ostentation. Items like their gorgeous walnut Atelier Oval Dining Table and their leather-bound Boheme Dining Chair prove that they take their promises quite seriously and remind us why we first fell in love with Calligaris – because each and every piece of furniture they make is treated with care and passion passed down from Antonio himself.

Contemporary Colors
In addition to their carefully constructed interior design basics, Calligaris offers homeowners and decorators plenty of flashy accents and extra-inventive furniture creations. We recently professed our affection for Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, marsala red so we were delighted when we saw that Calligaris shares our feelings toward the subtly spicy shade. It’s really no wonder they’ve made a lounge chair and matching footstool in marsala since the color has Italian roots just like they do. For spring, they also recommend “mimosa yellow”upholstery and accessories. Here at Bova, when it comes to colored Calligaris pieces, we’re particularly partial to the affordable Area51 Chair which comes in delightfully shocking light green, fuchsia and tangerine orange colorways.


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