If you live in an old home or a hip downtown apartment, you’re familiar with the challenges of furnishing a tight space. You may have also noticed that a lot of contemporary furniture is done on a large scale. Design innovations like 6-piece sectionals and king-size headboards just aren’t going to fit through low doorways or up narrow staircases. Still, there are many ways to incorporate modern furniture designs into a small home and at Bova, we carry lots of smaller contemporary furnishings that don’t require copious square footage.

Substitute an oversize couch for a loveseat and maybe a comfortable chair or two. You’ll save room and you’ll be able to rearrange your furniture’s layout pretty easily. When it comes to finding a loveseat that looks modern, look for something with simple lines and minimal details. An un-skirted, two-seat sofa with exposed legs can also give the illusion of extra floor space whereas sofas with skirts around their legs eat up visual space.

Café Tables
Homes and condominiums that lack specifically designated dining rooms still need tables! Café tables are ideal for eat-in kitchens and kitchenettes. Café tables are just the right size for a romantic dinner-for-two at home. Plus, they’re a great place to put the snacks when you want to entertain. Because they’re often built at bar height, they also make use of vertical space which is important to do in a tiny apartment.

Accent Tables
Being able to fit a coffee table in between your sofa and your television is a luxury many small spaces simply do not allow. In many cases, you could easily trade your coffee table for as many as three stylish side tables. Short accent tables give your living space a casual, up-to-date look and give you somewhere to set books, remotes, candles and cocktails.

Mirrors and other reflective materials can visually double your square footage! Don’t believe that because you have a small living space, you can’t have large wall art or a large mirror. After all, the bigger mirror, the more space it will reflect.

Light Colors
Dark colors can make a room that’s already on the small side feel cramped and uncomfortable. Choosing light colors, especially for your main furniture pieces, makes a room feel light and airy. If you’re afraid of getting white upholstery dirty, just look for low-maintenance fabrics or consider using some laidback off-white or light tan colors.

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