Every year, Pantone, a global authority on color and design, chooses a new Color of the Year. The selection process involves lots of careful consideration and research. The color experts spent all last year examining fashion trends, artwork, films and foreign lands in an effort to find the shade to best represent 2015.

After all this deliberation, Pantone declared the Color of the Year for 2015 to be Marsala, a dramatic red shade with a healthy dash of luxury. We love how the warm pink tones of Marsala, named after a style of wine from Sicily, reflects both the rustic charm of the Mediterranean and the refined taste of a strong red wine. While we’re going to miss Radiant Orchid, it’s easy to see that this tasteful, vino-inspired hue embodies versatility and organic sophistication. The dusky red is neither strictly masculine nor overly feminine. It’s the perfect color to bring into your home this year through accessories, textiles, art and more!

The Versatility of Marsala
According to Pantone, Marsala is “a stirring and flavorful shade… one that encourages color creativity and experimentation.” At Bova, we’re all for creativity and experimentation so a color that encourages those things is more than alright by us! Much of what we love about Marsala is its ability to be used anywhere in the home. Bedrooms and bathrooms, or even the kitchen, all look great with a touch of this rich, dark cherry tone. On the floor or on the walls, Marsala brings warmth to home interiors, yet still looks modern. Many traditional decorators wrongly assume that for something to look sleek and contemporary, it also has to look cold and clinical. Marsala proves that’s not the case.

Playing with Texture
Marsala can be used to create many different moods, all depending upon the textures with which it’s paired. A matte finish highlights its earthy nature while adding a sheen conveys a completely different message of glamour and luxury. When it comes to fabrics, suede and velvet can further enhance the inherent richness of Marsala whereas woven upholsteries can bring out its casual side. This alluring almost-burgundy looks particularly beautiful on plush rugs, sofas and painted surfaces.

What to Pair with Marsala
The color pairing possibilities that come along with Marsala are almost as exciting as its many fine textural qualities. Whether in a flat or gloss finish, the highly varietal shade combines nicely with neutrals such as taupes, khakis and grays. Because of its burnished undertones, Marsala is highly compatible with amber and gold colors. In terms of brights, we see Marsala holding its own against all kinds of vibrant hues from teal and turquoise to lilac and coral.

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