The first thing to remember when furniture shopping is that you’re allowed to mix and match different design elements. In order to make your house a home, your pieces should look carefully collected, even if they came as a set. Some rooms look fabulous with only one style of furniture. A floor-to-ceiling modern space is sleek and refreshing. What we think is really fun, though, is mixing styles. Adding an unexpected splash of modern décor to your traditional furniture can reinvent the whole look and feel of your home. The end result of pairing together contemporary and traditional elements is often called “transitional” – a very popular decorating style that lets homeowners showcase their unique personality. Combining styles ultimately keeps things from looking too staged. You’ll have to decide for yourself exactly how much contemporary furniture your home needs.

At Bova Furniture, contemporary style is our specialty. Here are some basic characteristics of contemporary furniture, so you know what to look for whenever you want to modernize your home.

Characteristics of Contemporary Design
1. Minimalism – Less is more in the contemporary design world. There are few things more modern than a little minimalism – solid planes of colors, clean angles and uncluttered surface. Minimalizing the amount of accessories you have on display might create a pleasantly surprising, spic-and-span look. Replacing a traditionally embellished vase or pillow with a solid-colored variant or eliminating a few accent colors in a room can help up the contemporary factor of a space. Simplification lets your furniture shine!

2. Line Play – Interesting lines are a key contemporary design element. These lines can give a room a playful mood. Playing with linear patterns brings the perfect modern touch to otherwise traditional rooms. Irregular striped or checked patterns on floors and window treatments actually make a cohesive backdrop for both modern and traditional décor.

3. Eclectic Details – Modern accessories feature lots of bright colors, unexpected textures and reflective surfaces. A lacquer tray, for example, looks cool even on a more traditional surface. High-polish silver objects can also update the appearance of traditional surroundings. Going along with the eclectic accessorizing opportunities are eclectic furniture finishes like graphic patterns and neat hardware options.

4. New Materials – What really differentiates contemporary furniture from other styles are the kinds of materials used. If you’ve ever been antiquing, you’ve probably noticed that a vast majority of traditional pieces are made of wood. Contemporary furniture makes use of all kinds of modern building materials including glass, plastic, vinyl and metals. Lighting is a good place to first try out one of these non-traditional design components.

5. Versatility – One of the greatest features of contemporary furniture is its inherent multi-functionality. Modern design innovation means that individual items can perform many different functions. Most traditional chairs, for example, only work as chairs whereas a contemporary chair may work as a loveseat, a sculptural accent or even storage.

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