Each December, taking trends involving the entire world into account, Pantone carefully selects what they believe will be the breakthrough color for the upcoming year. Often considered the global authority on color, Pantone has revealed PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald as their color of the year for 2013. The company describes this shade of green as a “lively, radiant, lush green”. They further explained that Emerald “enhances our sense of well-being further by inspiring insight, as well as promoting balance and harmony.

In addition to using Emerald for fashion and beauty, Pantone also suggests using it for contemporary interiors. This color can be brought into rooms through everything from paint and furniture to accents and accessories. Since the color instantly brings jewels to mind, it can add a touch of luxury to any indoor environment. It can even be effectively incorporated into kitchens and dining rooms through stemware, appliances and dinnerware.

Mood boards are often used for interior design purposes. Fabric swatches and samples of paint chips are grouped together to feature the overall atmosphere that color schemes can create. If you are seeking a way to incorporate Emerald into your home, you can get inspired by mood boards shown on Pantone’s website. Pantone explains, “While lush, vivid Emerald clearly leads the way in 2013, its radiant power also inspires exploration of the green color family, as shown by the varied hues in our mood boards.”

Now just because the color of the year is emerald, doesn’t mean that it is necessarily time to replace all your furniture and paint all your walls this color! There are easier and simpler ways to bring a tasteful touch of emerald into your home or office.

We have showcased the Ringlet throw pillow from Dreamweavers. Many people select throw pillows as an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate a new color into their home decor. Bova Furniture currently carries the Dreamweaver Ringlet as well as several other items from the Dreamweavers collection that will add a decidedly modern touch to any room.


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